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  • October 2021 Data Analysis

    Wisconsin’s economic recovery is on an unsteady path, with jobs falling slightly in October. We have come a long way out of the jobs deficit we faced March 2020. But progress ground to halt after early …

  • September 2021 Data Analysis

    The economic recovery continues to sputter. Good news in May-June was interrupted by slower growth later in the summer. Federal investments in recovery continue to support Wisconsin’s families and children. But some of the programs …

  • Seven people standing on a rooftop, wearing safety gear.

    August 2021 Data Analysis

    In March 2020, the US took dramatic steps to stop the spread of COVID-19. States issued stay-at-home orders, the economy contracted dramatically, jobs plummeted, and unemployment spiked. After the collapse, the economy improved rapidly in …

  • Worker Experiences: State of Working Wisconsin 2021

    In the summer of 2020, we spoke to workers in various sectors and across the state to better understand what the economy looks like for them, as well as the impact of policies (or lack thereof) at …

  • Wages: State of Working Wisconsin 2021

    For three million working Wisconsinites, wages are the most important measure of the quality of their jobs. Despite the global pandemic and the restructuring of every aspect of work and life in response to it, …


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