For more than two decades, we’ve released The State of Working Wisconsin. In 2020, we launched a new digital report to meet the reality of the COVID-19 crisis. Since then, the COVID-19 crisis has touched nearly every worker. The State of Working Wisconsin 2021 will be released the week before Labor Day. Sign up to get all updates sent straight to your inbox.

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Jobs Dashboard: Tracking the Crisis

Last spring, COVID-19’s impact on the economy was immediate. Jobs plummeted. Unemployment skyrocketed. Key data show how we are doing relative to February 2020, before the collapse.


Jobs Lost

In June 2021, Wisconsin had 4.6% fewer jobs than before the COVID-19 crisis hit.



In June 2021, unemployment held steady at 3.9%, remaining slightly above the February 2020 level (3.5%).


Leisure/Hospitality Jobs Lost

This sector – restaurants, hotels, and more – has been hardest hit; employment is down 18.7%.