What the COVID-19 Crisis Means for Wisconsin’s Working People

In just a few months, COVID-19 upended the Wisconsin economy. The crisis has touched nearly every worker — leaving some without jobs, others dangerously exposed at work, and sending still others to work in their homes. Transformation is dramatic, but it flows through well-worn channels. COVID-19 exposes and exacerbates Wisconsin’s long-standing and deep inequities, including the state’s Black/white disparity.

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Worker Experiences

COVID-19 is transforming work more rapidly than standard data can track. Workers’ lives provide a more immediate picture. In recognition and honor of the national movement for Black lives, we begin with profiles of Black workers in Wisconsin. We are grateful to the workers who shared their experience with us.



“I know I’m gonna have to find a new profession.”
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“They’re making it very hard to live right now.”
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“We had a good team and a nice support system with our union.”
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Tracking the Crisis

In March, COVID-19’s impact on the economy was immediate. Jobs plummeted. Unemployment skyrocketed. Key data show how we are doing relative to February 2020, before the collapse.


Jobs Lost

Wisconsin has 10% fewer jobs than it did before the COVID-19 crisis hit in March 2020.



In June, Wisconsin unemployment was 2x the February 2020 unemployment rate (3.5%).


Jobs Lost

Restaurants, hotels, & more were hardest-hit; the sector lost three in ten of its jobs.

Explore the Data

The impact of COVID-19 is fast-moving and frequently changing. Dig deeper into this federal data.
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Analyzing the Numbers

Our up to date analysis of what the data say about the collapse and tentative recovery.
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Guest Spotlight

We Cannot Rest: Information & Inspiration to Make Good Trouble

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By Michele Mackey
Forward Community Investments Interim CEO & Kids Forward COO (on loan)


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