We present the workers' perspective on the Wisconsin economy.

Jobs at a Glance


Jobs Lost

In November 2021, Wisconsin had 3.5% fewer jobs than before the COVID-19 crisis hit.



In November 2021, unemployment fell to 3.0% and now sits below the February 2020 level (3.5%).

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Updated January 20, 2022


Leisure/Hospitality Jobs Lost

This sector – restaurants, hotels, and more – has been hardest hit; employment is down 9.7%.

About Us

Working Wisconsin is a project of COWS, a national think-and-do tank that promotes “high road” solutions to social problems. We present the workers’ perspective on the economy in Wisconsin:

  • what’s going on with work and jobs, who is winning, and who is being left out;
  • where are disparities growing.

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